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1492 Exhibit at the Library of Congress "1492: AN ONGOING VOYAGE addresses such questions by examining the rich mixture of societies coexisting in five areas of this hemisphere before European arrival. It then surveys the polyglot Mediterranean world at a dynamic turning point in its development." 12/2/2003 SUBJECTS: History Columbus, Christopher Library of Congress History
Abel Alejandre Website for Mexican-born painter and muralist Abel Alejandre. Site includes calendar of exhibitions and biographical interview. 1/16/2004 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Alejandre, Abel Art
Acosta (Oscar Zeta) Guide to the Collection 1936-1990 Acosta (Oscar Zeta) Guide to the Collection 1936-1990. Finding aid for the collection of personal papers donated to CEMA at UC Santa Barbara. Includes short biographical sketch. SUBJECTS: Biographical Chicano Movement Authors Lawyers Archives Acosta, Oscar Zeta California Ethnic and Minority Archives (CEMA), UC Santa Barbara Archives
Adelante! U. S. Education Leadership Fund "The ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, was established in 1997 to fulfill the mission of INSPIRING THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST HISPANIC STUDENTS TO GRADUATE AND LEAD THROUGH SCHOLARSHIPS, INTERNSHIPS AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING." SUBJECTS: Scholarships Adelante! U. S. Education Leadership Fund Organizations
Admirando Culturas: The Murals of L. A. "… a virtual tour of murals located throughout Los Angeles, California. The murals included in this tour are primarily located in Downtown LA, Boyle Heights, City Terrace, Lincoln Heights, East L.A. as well as Monterey Park. In this unique tour, you will find close to 200 murals documented within the following pages." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Murals Los Angeles, CA Art
Affirmative Action and Diversity Project - UCSB "This site presents diverse opinions regarding Affirmative Action topics; rather than taking a singular pro or con position, it is designed to help lend many different voices to the debates surrounding the issues of affirmative action. This site is an academic resource and it provides scholars, students, and the interested public with on-site articles and theoretical analyses, policy documents, current legislative updates, and an annotated bibliography of research and teaching materials." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Affirmative Action Bibliography Affirmative Action and Diversity Project - UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara Politics
Al Borde Magazine A Spanish-language ezine devoted to Latino music. SUBJECTS: Music / Dance Journalism / Mass Media Al Borde Magazine Music / Dance
Alegría: The Mexican Folklórico Home Page "The Mexican Folk Dance Directory Sponsored by Los Danzantes de Alegría." Includes a monthly newsletter, directory of performing groups, a bulletin board, etc. SUBJECTS: Music / Dance Directories Folklore Ballet Folklorico Organizations Mexico Music / Dance
Allied Media Corp. "Allied Media provides target marketing services combined with proven marketing strategy to reach consumers nationwide while maximizing our clients' return on marketing investment. Our hispanic marketing operations are conducted through the hispanic media outlets; with which we have built strong business relationships. We use the different hispanic media outlets to reach hispanic communities where these consumers reside." SUBJECTS: Marketing Public Relations Media Advertising Allied Media Corp. Marketing
Alma López Website "This site is dedicated to discussion, debate and news on the digital print "Our Lady" by Alma Lopez. Most of the debate on this print occurred when it was on exhibition at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe New Mexico from February 25, 2001 through October 28, 2001." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Virgen de Guadalupe Murals Lopez, Alma Art
American Dream Makers (Latino Profiles) An ethnic profile report on the Latino population of Los Angeles County prepared by The United Way in 2000. SUBJECTS: Population Research Publications Economic Conditions Health Education Housing Violence Crime Statistics Los Angeles County, CA United Way American Dream Makers [publication] Population
American G. I. Forum "…the American GI Forum dedicated to address problems of discrimination and inequities endured by Hispanic veterans. The Forum, its Women's and Youth Auxiliary Forums, soon became an advocate for all Hispanics and broadened its activities throughout the states to promote civic affairs." 1/12/2004 SUBJECTS: Organizations Military Veterans Civil Rights Scholarships Longoria, Felix American G. I. Forum Garcia, Hector P. Organizations
American Immigration Law Foundation: Immigration Policy Center "The American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) was established in 1987 as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit educational, charitable organization. The Foundation is dedicated to increasing public understanding of immigration law and policy and the value of immigration to American society; to promoting public service and excellence in the practice of immigration law; and to advancing fundamental fairness and due process under the law for immigrants." 1/19/2004 SUBJECTS: Immigration Law Public Policy Education Curriculum Organizations Foundations American Immigration Law Foundation Immigration
Americo Paredes [Gale Free Resources] Biographical page for Américo Paredes offered by Gale SUBJECTS: Biography Folklorists Paredes, Americo Biography
Amherst College Chicano Caucus "The Chicano Caucus is a politically active organization that deals with various, but mainly, Chicano issues. For twelve years, the Caucus has raised awareness of Chicano issues on the Amhest College and other Five College campuses. We hold weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 9PM in the Jose Martí Room of the Keefe Campus Center where we plan events, discuss issues, and just vent. Our yearly events range from Mexican Cooking night to bringinging speakers such as Dolores Huerta to attending rallies and fighting for immigrant rights. This year, the Caucus will be hosting the East Coast Chicano Student Forum at Amherst." SUBJECTS: Organizations Student Organizations Amherst College Chicano Caucus Organizations
Ana Castillo Webpage "Poet/novelist/artist/xicanista Ana Castillo lives in her hometown of Chicago with her son. Her latest work is a collection of poetry, I Ask the Impossible. Her latest novel published in the fall of 1999, is Peel My Love Like an Onion. She has also written a children's book My Daughter, My Son, The Eagle, The Dove. A Spanish language version of the collection of essays she edited on Guadalupe-Tonantzin, Goddess of the Americas/La Diosa De Las Américas : Writings on the Virgin of Guadalupe, was published in August 2000 by Viking." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Literature Poetry Novels Castillo, Ana Literature
Anahuac: The Secret and Forbidden History "WE EMBRACE OUR CREATOR through non-Eurocentric study, liberation dialogues, intellectual collective meditations, and our disciplined warrior actions for the liberation of our people" 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Precolumbian Cultures Aztecs Chicano Movement Identity Mexica Movement Libraries History Tezcatlipoca, Olin Aztecs
Andanzas al Web Latino List of useful links compiled by Molly Molloy, New Mexico State University Library. SUBJECTS: General Internet Directories Websites Molloy, Molly New Mexico State University General
Andres y Maria Cardenas Family Foundation "The Andrés y María Cárdenas Family Foundation was founded in 1997 to award scholarships to deserving and ambitious students, to contribute to community-based, non-profit organizations that provide needed services, and to supplement limited resources for cultural, educational and recreational programs in the San Fernando Valley." SUBJECTS: Education Foundations Scholarships Andres y Maria Cardenas Family Foundation San Fernando Valley, CA Los Angeles, CA Foundations
Anthony Quinn obituary Obituary for Anthony Quinn published by the Thespian Net SUBJECTS: Actors Biography Obituaries Quinn, Anthony Actors
Antonio: 25 Years of Creative Collaboration [Virtual Exhibition] "Antonio: 25 Years of Creative Collaboration brings to audiences around the globe the artistry, vision, and life of two of the most influential fashion illustrators and trend setters from the 1960s through the 1980s: Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos. Together under the signature "Antonio," these two graphic artists created a dynamic body of work that define the core of the late twentieth century's concept of beauty in art and fashion. The goal of the exhibition is to make Antonio more accessible and known to the Latino community and to feature two role models who will inspire people generally." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Museums Exhibits Art Fashion Ramos, Juan Lopez, Antonio Smithsonian Institution Art
Art 447H, Dr. Manuel Aguilar Class website for Dr. Manuel Aguilar's Mesoamerican Art class at CSU Los Angeles. The class covers the Preclassic Period, Classic Period, and Post Classic Period of Precolumbian Art. SUBJECTS: Art Precolumbian Cultures Curriculum Olmecs Aztecs Mayas Zapotecs Mixtecs Toltecs Precolumbian Cultures
Art Fights the Power: The liberating art of Malaquias Montoya Article published in the Austin Chronicle entitled: Art Fights the Power by Sam Martin. SUBJECTS: Art Chicano Movement Biography Montoya, Malaquias Art
Art of Irene Carranza "Since her relatively recent emergence as a painter, Carranza has mounted numerous exhibits of her work, mostly in the Los Angeles area. Recent work manifest her abiding concern with color, beauty, and meaningful expression which elicit an almost palpable intimacy between the observer and the painter. Painted in a style reminiscent of the Mexican painters, with influences of Chagall's exuberance and O'Keefes's sensuousness, the works invite the observer into the realm of feelings and essence." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Biography Galleries Carranza, Irene Art
Art Works of Hector Silva "Hector Silva is an artist based in Los Angeles who has been producing work for more than twenty years. Born in Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico, he moved to the US at the age of 17. He began drawing in his late 20’s when he discovered his own talent. He created his first portrait in 1982 of Lucille Ball. This drawing somehow reached her hands and she contacted Hector to acquire the original in 1984. This marked the beginning of his commercial career. " SUBJECTS: Artists Art Silva, Hector Art
Arte Latino: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum "Arte Latino: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum." SUBJECTS: Museums Exhibits Art Arte Latino: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum Smithsonian Institution Art
Arte Publico Press "From its beginnings on the artistic fringe during the Hispanic Civil Rights Movement to its current status as the oldest and most accomplished publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by U.S. Hispanic authors, Arte Público Press and its imprint, Piñata Books, have become a showcase for Hispanic literary creativity, arts and culture." 12/6/2003 SUBJECTS: Publishers Literature Arte Publico Press Piñata Books Recovering the U. S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project University of Houston Latinoteca Latino Children's Wellness Program Publishers
Ask Colorado [24-hr. Reference service in Spanish] "Welcome to AskColorado, a free online information service provided by Colorado libraries. Real people in real time answer your questions, help you find information, or point you in the right direction to get what you need." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Colorado State Library Libraries
Asociacion de Latinos Musulmanes (LALMA) "La misión de la Asociación de Latinos Musulmanes es enseñar los fundamentos del Islam en el idioma Castellano o Español, proveyendo literatura y promoviendo un mejor entendimiento acerca del Islam entre la población de habla hispana no musulmana. Al mismo tiempo, se provee apoyo spiritual a los nuevos musulmanes durante la etapa de transición del Cristianismo al Islam, compartiendo experiencias, idioma y cultura. El objetivo principal es incorporar este nuevo grupo de musulmanes a la comunidad multi-étnica de musulmanes del Sur de California." SUBJECTS: Religion Spanish Language Islam Los Angeles, CA Religion
Asociacion de Loncheros La Familia Unida de CA "Gracias por su interes en nuestro website aqui les informaremos mas de nuestra Asociacion de Loncheros La Familia Unida de CA. Ademas les mantenderemos informados de las nuevas leyes que afectará a miles de Loncheros de todo el Estado de California en Enero del 2009. Por favor Ayúdenos a difundir este sitio web Otra vez muchas Gracias." SUBJECTS: Food Organizations Legislation Lunch Trucks Loncheras Taco Trucks Asociacion de Loncheros La Familia Unida de CA Ibarra, Elias Torres, Juan Food
ASPIRA Association, Inc. "The ASPIRA Association, Inc. is the only national nonprofit organization devoted solely to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth. ASPIRA takes its name from the Spanish verb aspirar, "aspire." Since 1961 ASPIRA has pursued its mission of empowering the Latino community through the development of its youth. All of ASPIRA's goals and activities spring from one basic belief: Puerto Ricans and Latinos have the collective potential to move their community forward." 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Puerto Ricans Ezines Puerto Rico Organizations
Aspira, Inc. of Illinois "Founded in 1968, ASPIRA is a Puerto Rican not-for profit organization committed to the development and self-determination of the Latino community through education, leadership and the intellectual development of Latinos in the State of Illinois. Through our work over 2,000 young people acquire the education and skills they need for successful careers." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Organizations Education Leadership Cultural Organizations Puerto Ricans Dropouts Digital Divide Internet Aspira, Inc. of Illinois Illinois Chicagoland Latino Educational Research Institute (CLERI) Chicago, IL Leadership Development Institute, Chicago, IL Community Organizations
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) "The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) is the leading professional association dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the accounting, finance and related professions. ALPFA is a not-for-profit entity registered with the Internal Revenue Service. ALPFA is the proud successor of the American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants (AAHCPA), the first national Latino professional association in the United States. Established in 1972, this Association continues to build upon our proud legacy of shared values and guiding principles." SUBJECTS: Organizations Finance Employment Accounting Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants (AAHCPA) Organizations
Association of Raza Educators "The Association of Raza Educators (A.R.E.) originally began as a response to Proposition 187 in September of 1996. A.R.E. was organized by individuals who had correctly read the growing anti-Raza atmosphere within the United States, and recognized the urgency for something "different" to be done." 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Education Organizations Politics Association of Raza Educators Education
Austin Latino/Latina Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization (ALLGO) "The Austin Latina/Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization works towards its vision through cultural arts, health and advocacy programming by: * supporting artists and artistic expression within our diverse communities; * promoting health within a wellness model; * mobilizing and building coalitions among groups marginalized by race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation/sexual identity to enact change." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Gays / Lesbians Organizations Austin Latino/Latina Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization (ALLGO) Austin, TX Gays / Lesbians
Avenue 50 Studio (Highland Park, CA) "The Avenue 50 Studio originated in November 1999 as a photography workshop. Realizing the need for a cultural space in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, it inaugurated its first show in February of 2000 with a group exhibit of 15 local Chicano/Latino artists. "Making the Invisible Visible," a multimedia experimental silkscreen exhibit in tribute to Cesar Chavez, followed this exhibit. Since that time there have been 15 month-long shows of solo and group artists." SUBJECTS: Art Exhibits Avenue 50 Studio (Highland Park, CA) Art
Aztec Calendar "There is not just one Aztec calendar, there are two more or less independent systems. One calendar, called the xiuhpohualli, has 365 days. It describes the days and rituals related to the seasons, and therefor might be called the agricultural year or the solar year. The other calendar has 260 days. In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, it is called the tonalpohualli or, in English, the day-count. Most information on this Internet-site refers to the tonalpohualli, which is the sacred calendar." SUBJECTS: Precolumbian Cultures Aztecs Calendar Nahuatl Aztec Calendar Precolumbian Cultures
Azteca Net A general portal for Chican@-related information. Includes full-text articles on different issues as well as useful lists of links. SUBJECTS: General Chicano Movement Precolumbian Cultures MEChA Ezines Azteca Net General
Aztlán Underground [band] Website for the Chicano band "Aztlan Underground". Also includes a chat room for their fans. SUBJECTS: Music Chat Rooms Bands Aztlán Underground Music
Bajito Onda: Recycling lives since 1985: A 501C3 non-profit Charitable Organization Website for Del Hendrixson, Hispanic Gang Consultant. Features the work of her foundation with at-risk youth in the Dallas, Texas area. SUBJECTS: Organizations Youth Gangs Prison Counseling Fashion Clothing Foundations Dallas, TX Hendrixson, Del Bajito Onda: Saving Lives since 1985 Organizations
Ballet Folklorico de Stanford "The Ballet Folklórico de Stanford was formed in the early 1970's to present and promote Mexican culture to the Stanford campus. In 1972 the Dance Department of Stanford University began to offer a Mexican Folk Dance Exhibition class, providing a formal setting where the tradition of Mexican dance could be taught. Before that time such dance was kept alive on the Stanford campus through the efforts of individual students who taught themselves and each other. The group's first official performance was on the altar of Memorial Church." SUBJECTS: Dance Students Ballet Folklorico Culture Ballet Folklorico de Stanford Stanford University Dance
BAMN: Coalition to defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary "BAMN is a mass, democratic, integrated, national organization dedicated to building a new mass civil rights movement to defend affirmative action, integration, and the other gains of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and to advance the struggle for equality in American society by any means necessary." SUBJECTS: Organizations Leadership Affirmative Action Civil Rights Immigrants BAMN: Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and to Fight… Organizations
BAMN: Coalition to defend Affirmative Action… "The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action & Integration, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) was founded in July 1995 in Berkeley, California in response to the attack on affirmative action in the University of California system. On May 16, 2001, we successfully forced the UC Regents to unanimously vote to reverse the ban on affirmative action in the UC System. BAMN was formed for the purpose of organizing the struggle against the resegregation of higher education." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Affirmative Action Organizations Civil Rights Immigrants Leadership BAMN: Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action Politics
Base de Datos Casera de los Remedios "Los remedios caseros son las medicinas unfussy que pueden curar dolencias de la caspa a la úlcera del estómago. Más OPT de la gente para los remedios caseros como sugiere métodos orgánicos de reparar cualquier daño a tu cuerpo." SUBJECTS: Health Homeopathy Herbal Medicine Alternative Medicine Medicine Health
Bendixen and Associates "Bendixen & Associates is a public opinion research, management, and communications consulting firm based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1984, the firm has grown from a company with roots in political campaigns and polling into an international consulting company that incorporates many disciplines and sectors. The firm has managed projects throughout the U.S., as well as in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bonaire and the Antilles." SUBJECTS: Surveys Opinion Attitudes Statistics Bendixen and Associates Bendixen, Sergio Surveys
Bibliography on Gang Culture - in Brief "Below is a list of randomly selected articles and books pertaining to gangs and juvenile delinquency. Some of the articles are available to download, but some require that you have Adobe Acrobat (Free download) to view them." SUBJECTS: Gangs Bibliography Gangs
Bibliotecario Electrónico "SOL is an electronic newsletter in its fourth year of connecting librarians who serve Spanish speakers. Each issue gathers links, questions, and wisdom contributed by some 200 subscribers around the world. Read the latest issue, SOL 88, and read our interview with a Mexican cyber-artist who's attracting worldwide attention." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries General Directories Ezines Bibliotecario Electrónico Libraries
Bilingual Education/ ESL CLNET's list of links in the area of bilingual/bicultural education. SUBJECTS: Education Bilingual/Bicultural Education Bilingual Education/ ESL Education "A national online organization for progressive Latinos. We are the next generation of action-oriented Latinos who are taking ownership of our lives and political futures and working to make America better for everyone. We are concerned individuals who are exercising our democratic right to organize. Our mission is simple. To organize progressive Latinos online and harness energy and resources to move voters, particularly Latino voters, toward progressive issues and action. We are using the best tools available to reach out and connect to other progressive Latinos throughout the country. We are the best messengers to communicate with Latino voters on issues that matter." SUBJECTS: Politics Websites Organizations Public Policy Leadership Blogs Organizations
Bob Desena "In the legendary tradition of Tito Puente and Cal Tjader, Bob DeSena brings the fiery rhythms of Latin Jazz to the vibraphone, creating a unique sound that brings excitement to Bob's performances at nightclubs and concerts." 1/16/2004 SUBJECTS: Music Bands Latin Jazz Desena, Bob Music
Bobby Vaughn's The Black Mexico Homepage Afro-Mexicans of the Costa Chica "The purpose of this website is to introduce readers to the culture and unique experience of Mexicans of African descent. If you are like most people, you probably have never heard of Afro-Mexicans and are completely unaware that they exist. If you fall into this category, this page will hopefully be quite a learning experience for you. As a cultural anthropologist, I am interested in how issues of race, color, and nationalism make the Afro-Mexican experience what it is, today, and hopefully, I can come to some general conclusions as to larger issues of race and ethnicity." SUBJECTS: Afro-Mexicans Mexico Vaughn, Bobby Bobby Vaughn's The Black Mexico Homepage Afro-Mexicans of the Costa Chica Briones, Juana Afro-Mexicans
Border Angels "Founded by Enrique Morones in 1986, Border Angels is a non-profit organization supporting humanity. The organization consists of extraordinary volunteers who want to stop unnecessary deaths of individuals traveling through the Imperial Valley desert areas and the mountain areas surrounding San Diego County, as well as the areas located around the United States and Mexican border. The high percentage of unnecessary deaths have been results of extreme heat and cold weather conditions, in addition some have sadly been the results of racial-discrimination crimes." SUBJECTS: Immigration Organizations Leadership Border Angels San Diego, CA Morones, Enrique Immigration
Border Health Information and Education Network (BIEN) "¡BIEN! Is a health education network funded through a grant from the National Library of Medicine to provide the best in health information free of charge for the people of the border region, both healthcare consumers and healthcare providers. The seventeen members of the ¡BIEN! Network include hospitals, health organizations, and public and academic libraries. We chose the name ¡BIEN!, the Spanish word for "well", because we believe that reliable health information is a key to improving the quality of people's lives. This web site is a part of our mission: to bring the ever-expanding world of health information directly to you. Enjoy our web site: excellent health information is just aclick away!" 12/2/2003 SUBJECTS: Health Organizations Border Health Information and Education Network Health
Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE) "BHLIFE is a festival that features the creative work of Latina film directors from all across the country. An event dedicated to the ongoing effort to present the complexities of our community and the women within it, and break away from the historically negative and stereotypical images of Latinas in film. A festival such as BHLIFE creates a challenge to the inequity seen in front and behind the lens." SUBJECTS: Film Festivals Chicanas Women Boyle Heights (Los Angeles, CA) Lopez, Josefina Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE) Film
Braceros in Oregon Photo Collection, Oregon State University "The 102 photographs in this collection document the activities of Oregon's Bracero workers - their cultivation and harvesting work in the fields and orchards as well as the farm labor camps in which they lived. Most of the photographs were taken by Oregon State College Extension staff members as part of a larger effort to document the various groups that contributed to alleviate the state's severe shortage of farm labor. Extension photographers included John Burtner, Fred Shideler, Robert Fowler, and Harry Whitten. Works by commercial photographers Bus Howdyshell of Pendleton and Maurice Hodge of Portland are also included in the collection." SUBJECTS: Braceros Libraries Photos Archives Oregon State University Braceros in Oregon Photo Collection, Oregon State University Farmworkers
Brown Pride Chicano portal with lots of content regarding Chicano history, precolumbian heroes, photo galleries, etc. SUBJECTS: Music / Dance Lowriders Murals Photography Chat rooms Bulletin Boards Aztecs History Brown Pride Digital Aztlán Rojas, Sal Ollin Project Lowriders
Burnt Tortilla Creations: The Art of Emilia García "As a Chicana artist, Emilia's original goal was to was to provide the community with a line of quality greeting cards depicting the beauty and culture of her indigenous ancestors. Now that she has established her line of cards, her work can be found at Latino owned businesses throughout California, the Southwest, and Chicago as well. Although Emilia's work is known throughout the country, her original artwork has primarily been exhibited in Southern California." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Greeting cards Garcia, Emilia Kahlo, Frida Virgen de Guadalupe Art
Cadena que no se corta = Unbroken chain: The traditional arts of Tucson's Mexican American Community "From November 3, 1996, through January 13, 1997, the University of Arizona Museum of Art hosted an exhibit entitled La Cadena Que No Se Corta: The Unbroken Chain. This website presents a virtual recreation of that exhibit and celebrates the traditional arts of Tucson's Mexican American Community. La Cadena Que No Se Corta highlights the visual art that is created by Tucson's Mexican American community as a part of normal, everyday life. The original website was created in the spring of 1997 and revised . It was authored by James S. Griffith, Ph.D., then folklore professor in the Department of English and Director of the University of Arizona's Southwest Folklore Center. Dr. Griffith and Cynthia Vidaurri, currently the Coordinator of Latino Cultural Resource Network at the Smithsonian Institution's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, provided the slides from which the website's images were created. The Museum exhibit was jointly sponsored by the University of Arizona Museum of Art and the University of Arizona's Southwest Folklore Center." SUBJECTS: Art Exhibits Arts & Crafts Culture Tucson, AZ Arizona University of Arizona Library Exhibits
Caja Negra Collective "A multicultural artists' collective founded by photographers from Boyle Heights and surrounding communities. Caja negra (black box) describes the photographer's main technical tool, the camera, in the simplest of terms: but more importantly, it refers to the photographer's search for and quest to bring to light that which was once hidden." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Photography Caja Negra Collective Art
Calaca Press "The story of Calaca Press began in 1997 with a conversation about the future which San Diego community activists Brent Beltrán and Consuelo Manríquez de Beltrán were having with their friend Manuel J. Vélez. Vélez, a poet who had recently graduated with a Masters' degree from a creative writing program at UTEP, pondered the lack of publishing opportunities for independent Chicano writers. Taking a cue from their activism, Brent and Consuelo knew that the best opportunity for success is the one you create yourself." 12/6/2004 SUBJECTS: Publishers Calaca Press Publishers
California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) "* Promote and publicize excellence in bilingual education. * Promote equal educational opportunities for all. * Promote service to children, youth, and adults, at all levels, both in the community and educational institutions throughout the state and nation. * Work toward recognition and understanding of the linguistic and cultural needs of language minority persons. * Coordinate and promote the development of professional competence and professional standards in bilingual education. * Promote workshops and conferences on bilingual issues. * Encourage excellence of bilingual education by promoting research and development. 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Organizations Bilingual/Bicultural Education California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) California Education
California Chicano News Media Association "The California Chicano News Media Association is a non-profit, professional organization with 400 members nationwide and seven chapters in California...CCNMA's mission is to promote diversity in the news media by providing encouragement, scholarships and educational programs for Latinos pursuing careers in the news media, and to foster an accurate and fair portrayal of Latinos in the news media, and promoting the social, economic and professional advancement of Latino journalists." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Journalism / Mass Media Organizations California Chicano News Media Association Journalism / Mass Media
California Demographic Futures Project "The California Demographic Futures project is an ongoing effort by the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development to bring a population-centered perspective to bear on California's evolving future. Ongoing changes in the population are so extensive that planning and policy making require much more specific information than is otherwise available or generally utilized. The goals of this project are (1) to provide this information in a timely fashion and (2) to educate planners and decision-makers about the implications for the demand for infrastructure, products and services. The following overview is taken from the first report to be issued from this project." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Population Immigration Housing About the California Demographic Futures Project University of Southern California California Population
California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives Home Page (CEMA) "The California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, also known as CEMA, is a division of the Special Collections Department of the University Libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara. CEMA is a permanent program that advances scholarship in ethnic studies through its varied collections of primary research materials. These unique collections document the lives and activities of African Americans, Asian/Pacific Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, and Native Americans in California. The collections represent the cultural, artistic, ethnic, and racial diversity that characterizes the state's population." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Archives University of California, Santa Barbara California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives Home Page Libraries
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce "The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce's (CHCC) primary goal is to represent the interest of over 600,000 Hispanic-owned businesses in the State of California. With a network of over 60 Hispanic chamber and business associations throughout the state, the CHCC is the premier and largest regional Hispanic business organization in the nation that promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs." 11/24/2003 SUBJECTS: Business Directories Tia Chucha's Cafe Cultural Business
California Latino Demographic Databook (Third Edition) "By 2005, more than a third of all Californians are projected to be Latino. The portrait of California Latinos in the California Latino Demographic Databook addresses the characteristics of this growing population, detailing characteristics for Latinos by national origin, nativity, citizenship, and period of entry for the foreign-born, and providing comparative figures for non-Hispanic whites, blacks, and Asians." 1/11/2004 SUBJECTS: Population Statistics University of California, Berkeley Survey Research Center, University of California, Berkeley California California Latino Demographic Databook, 3rd Edition: 2004 Statistics
California Latino Legislative Caucus "…Our web-site provides information about the purpose of the Latino Caucus, up-to-date information about the Caucus' history, previous legislative priorities, policy papers relating to the Latino community, and links to other important sites.Please feel free to contact us with any feedback concerning our web-site." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Organizations Directories Legislation California Latino Legislative Caucus Politics
California Secretary of State - Proposition 209 Text of California's Proposition 209: "Prohibition Against Discrimination or Preferential Treatment by State and Other Public Entities. Initiative Constitutional Amendment." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Legislation Proposition 209 Politics
Carmen Lomas Garza: Chicana Artist "Welcome to the official site for Carmen Lomas Garza, a Chicana narrative artist who creates images about the everyday events in the lives of Mexican Americans based on her memories and experiences in South Texas." 1/19/2004 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Folk Art Lomas Garza, Carmen Art
Carne Asada is Not a Crime This site documents the legal battle between lunch truck operators and city and county ordinances regulating their operation. SUBJECTS: Food Organizations Legislation Lunch Trucks Loncheras Taco Trucks Save Our Taco Trucks [Org.] Food
Carolina Hub for Latina/o Studies and Resources in the Southeast The University-Wide Undergraduate Minor in Latina/o Studies "As of March 1, 2004 the UNC-CH Administrative Boards approved a university-wide undergraduate Minor in Latina/o Studies. It is available starting Fall 2004." SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill North Carolina Chicana/Chicano Studies
Casa Familiar, San Ysidro, CA "Casa Familiar is a Community Development Organization, 501-C3 Public Benefit Corporation, serving the entire South San Diego County area in California. We provide a number of services to adults, youth, families and community." SUBJECTS: Community Organization Youth Leadership Social Services Housing San Ysidro, CA San Diego, CA Organizations
Case of Mendez et al. v Westminster Board of Education "On March 2, 1945, five Mexican-American fathers, Gonzalo Mendez, Thomas Estrada, William Guzman, Frank Palomino, and Lorenzo Ramirez, challenged the practice of school segregation in the Ninth Federal District Court in Los Angeles. They claimed that their children and 5,000 other children of "Mexican and Latin descent" were victims of unconstitutional discrimination by being forced to attend separate "Mexican" schools in the Westminster, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and El Modeno school districts of Orange County. Judge Paul J. McCormick ruled in favor of Mendez and his co-plaintiffs on February 18, 1946, and more than a year later, on April 14, 1947, McCormick's ruling was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal in San Francisco. On June 14 of the same year, Governor Earl Warren signed into law a repeal of the last remaining school segregation statutes in the California Education Code. Thus did "separate but equal" end in California schools and with it ended de jure school segregation, legally and administratively enforced separation of racial and national groups in the public education system." SUBJECTS: Education Discrimination Legal Cases Mendez et al. v Westminster Board of Education Orange County, CA Discrimination
Casita del Pueblo "Casita del Pueblo is committed to bringing art, culture, and education to its surrounding communities by making local and international folk art in its many forms more accessible. It is our vision to foster public awareness and appreciation of the arts by being a focal point where people come to find unique gifts and participate in culturally-based workshops which honor our traditions creating a spirit of community." SUBJECTS: Gifts Bookstore Clothing Greeting Cards Music Jewelry Casita del Pueblo [Whittier, CA] Whittier, CA Giftshop
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the National Register of Historic Places Website for the National Park Service's tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month. Includes entries for national monuments throughout the country related to Hispanic heritage SUBJECTS: History Holidays National Register of Historic Places Hispanic Heritage Month History
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month [Gale Free Resources] Biographical pages for Latino authors offered by Gale SUBJECTS: Holidays Hispanic Heritage Month Holidays
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: A Resource for Community and Classroom Use "The Mission of Celebrating Hispanic Heritage is to support teachers, youth leaders and community leaders in their efforts to promote friendly awareness of the Hispanic historical and cultural presence - with a positive, accurate global perspective." SUBJECTS: Holidays Culture Lesson Plans Geneology History Hispanic Heritage Month Lozano, Mimi Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research (SHHAR) Lesson Plans
Census 2000: Race Contours (USC Site) This site, which is sponsored by USC's School of Policy, Planning and development, publishes information about census and demographi figures for California, Los Angeles, and surrounding environs. SUBJECTS: Population Statistics University of Southern California Population
Center for Communicable Disease in Spanish "The Spanish language website is not a translation of the English language website (at but is tailored to Hispanic and Latino populations. The site will grow as CDC plans to translate more of its articles, press releases and other documents into Spanish and make them available at this site. Currently, Spanish speakers will find information that CDC has developed on a wide variety of health topics from asthma to diabetes. In addition, Spanish speakers will find gateways to health information produced by our sister Federal agencies." 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Health Diabetes Cancer Alcoholism Mental Health Smoking AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) U. S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Health
Center for Mexican American Studies, UT Austin "The Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) focuses on Mexican American scholarship and educational programs on the University of Texas campus, and is a national leader in teaching, research, and publications. Since its creation in 1970, CMAS has worked to enhance our understanding of the Mexican and Mexican American experience, as well as the broader Latino experience, and to strengthen the presence of Mexican Americans and other Latinos in the intellectual terrain, both within and beyond US borders. CMAS accomplishes its mission by offering an undergraduate degree program with concentrations in public policy, pre-law, and cultural studies and a doctoral portfolio program. In addition, the Center offers an extensive public programming calendar throughout the academic year." 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Education Chicana/o Studies Higher Education Center for Mexican American Studies, UT Austin University of Texas, Austin Limon, Jose E. Flores, Richard Chicana/Chicano Studies
Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research, University of Southern California "The Center is an organized research unit at the University of Southern California, facilitating the research collaboration, dissemination and professional development activities of faculty, students, and others across School of Education, university and outside organizational lines. Faculty in the Rossier School of Education developed the USC Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research (CMMR) in the Spring of 1983, as a result of deliberations of the Dean's Task Force for Bilingual Crosscultural Education. The Center provides a base for those interested in multilingual education, English-as-a second language, and foreign language instruction, multicultural education and related areas; and the opportunity to come together for research and program collaboration." SUBJECTS: Education Research Language Multicultural Education Bilingual Education Baca, Reynaldo Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research, University of Southern California University of Southern California Education
Center for the Study of Books in Spanish, CSU San Marcos "An academic center at California State University San Marcos that promotes literacy in English and Spanish. The Center endeavors to inform current and future educational decision-makers about books centered around Latino people and culture and about books in Spanish and their value in education of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children and adolescents." 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Education Children's Literature Bibliography Schon, Elizabeth Center for the Study of Books in Spanish, CSU San Marcos California State University, San Marcos Education
Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture, UCLA Since 1992, California has enjoyed a resource for cutting-edge research, education, and public information about Latinos, their health, and their roles in California. Under the leadership of Professor David E. Hayes-Bautista, the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture (CESLAC) at UCLA has been the lead institution in: - Exploding myths and stereotypes about Latinos in California society and providing reliable data on Latino health - Emphasizing the positive contributions of Latinos to the state's economy and society -Informing the public about the important emerging Latino medical market SUBJECTS: Health Research Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture, UCLA University of California, Los Angeles Hayes-Bautista, David E. Health
Center for the Study of Urban Literacies, UCLA "The center supports problem-oriented research that seeks to improve the educational experiences of Urban Children and communities. Specifically, the center houses 3 distinct but related research strands: 1) the study of Language, culture, and human development 2) the social and cognitive consequences of educational policies and practices 3) the study of new and empowering pedagogies, e.g., decolonizing pedagogies." In addition, the center offers programs to K-12 students that are based on the center’s research: 1) UCLinks, (Las Redes), after-school club 2) the UCLA Statewide Migrant Student Leadership Institute SUBJECTS: Education Research Migrant Education University of California, Los Angeles Center for the Study of Urban Literacies, UCLA Gutierrez, Kris Education
Center for the Study of Urban Poverty, UCLA "CSUP's primary mission is to encourage and facilitate academic research into the causes and consequences of urban poverty and the effectiveness of policies aimed at alleviating poverty. The Center's research agenda focuses on three broad issues: …Poverty in Los Angeles … The Working Poor … Transition to work/Disadvantaged Low Skill Workers." SUBJECTS: Poverty Research Labor Economic Conditions University of California, Los Angeles Center for the Study of Urban Poverty, UCLA Valenzuela, Abel Poverty
Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CCHCC) "The mission of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to promote, stimulate and support Hispanic owned business. The Chamber will create, maintain, and improve a favorable business environment which strengthens the financial position of its members and contributes to the socioeconomic well-being of the community. On behalf of the newly elected Board of Directors of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we would like to present you with the Year 2004 Member Benefits and Annual Sponsorship Package. The new Chamber Board is absolutely committed to providing outstanding member services and bottom-line business benefits to member small businesses as well as to Chamber corporate partners." SUBJECTS: Business Chambers of Commerce Fresno, CA Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CCHCC) Business
Centro Chicano de Stanford University "El Centro Chicano serves to catalyze Chicanos and Latinos at Stanford into a proactive community that creates an environment which celebrates and promotes the history, contributions, intellectual heritage, education, growth, and empowerment of all Chicanos and Latinos here and beyond." SUBJECTS: Cultural Centers Higher Education Students Centro Chicano, Stanford University Stanford University Colleges & Universities
Centro Cultural de La Raza, San Diego, CA "The Centro Cultural de la Raza is a 30 year old non-profit cultural arts organization, established in 1970, whose mission is to create, promote, and preserve Mexicano/o, Chicana/o, and indigenous art and culture." 1/9/2004 SUBJECTS: Organizations Art Community Organizations Cultural Organizations Music Dance Education Murals Centro Cultural de La Raza, San Diego, CA San Diego, CA Organizations
Centro Cultural de Mexico, El "El Centro Cultural de Mexico is an alternative space in Santa Ana where the community can find cultural, educational, and artistic activities that strengthen their identities, develop their talents and develop a sense of leadership in their community. By engaging Orange County residents and communities through community outreach efforts, it supports inter and intra-cultural interaction and dialogue among Orange County’s residents by creating a variety of programs which enables all people to explore their own heritage and culture. Through educational programming, which includes workshops in dance, music, art, and literacy, it promotes understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the many cultures in our region by sharing knowledge of Mexico’s rich cultural, and educational, and social legacy. It seeks to be at the forefront of creating a strong ideological and cultural bridge to support bringing together a variety of cultural projects from Mexico and other parts of Mexico, Central and South America." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Organizations Education Culture Music Dance Youth Literacy Centro Cultural de Mexico, El Santa Ana, CA Orange County, CA Sarmiento, Carolina Organizations
Centro Latino de Educacion Popular: Building literacy skills in the Latino community "Founded in 1991, Centro Latino de Educación Popular’s mission is to offer educational opportunities to those without access to other educational resources to foster their self-confidence, open doors to new opportunities, and help them achieve their goals. Our Children’s, Adult and Technology Education Centers teach basic reading and writing skills, improve functional and vocational skills, foster self-confidence, empower participants to take pro-active steps to improve their futures, and nurture a sense of accomplishment and joy in learning." SUBJECTS: Education Literacy Vocational Education Community Organizations Organizations Adult Education English as a second language Centro Latino de Educacion Popular: Building literacy skills in the Latino community Education
Centro Latino, Carrboro, NC "El Centro Latino grew out of a collaboration of local Latino leaders, the Orange County Task Force on Hispanic Issues, and the Orange County Partnership for Young Children's Los Ninos Task Force. El Centro Latino was incorporated in the fall of 1999, granted its IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the spring of 2000, and opened its doors on July 15, 2000. The mission of El Centro Latino is to improve the quality of life for Latinos living in and around Orange County by providing educational and social services, advocacy, and cultural activities." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Organizations Leadership Social Services Centro Latino, Carrboro, NC North Carolina Community Organizations
Centro Su Teatro, Denver, CO "El Centro Su Teatro is a multidisciplinary Chicano/Latino cultural arts center that produces theater, music, and visual art that speaks to the experience of an under-served community." SUBJECTS: Teatro Community Organizations Organizations Centro Su Teatro, Denver, CO Denver, CO Theater
César Chávez "Si Se Puede! Cesar E. Chavez and His Legacy … This web page was created as part of an exhibition and commemoration of the life and work of Cesar E. Chavez by UCLA, April-June 1996, Biomedical Library, Chicano Studies Research Library, URL Main Lobby." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Labor Farmworkers Biography Bibliography Quotes Chronology Chavez, Cesar E. Labor
César Chávez Day Celebration "California has established an official state holiday to honor Latino labor leader César E. Chávez , born on March 31, 1927. César Chávez Day is intended to promote service to the communities of California in honor of Chavez's life and work. It will be celebrated on March 31, or the appropriate Monday or Friday following or preceding that date. The celebration in 2003 occurs on March 31st. " 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Labor Holidays Lesson Plans Biography Research Photography Farmworkers Chavez, Cesar E. Labor
César E. Chávez Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction in Chicana & Chicano Studies, UCLA "…The Chávez Center is committed to the practice of different forms of scholarship and pedagogy and to the promotion of critical thinking about such issues as gender, sexuality, social action, language, race, ethnicity, class, assimilation/acculturation paradigms and indigenous traditions. The literary and visual arts often function as vehicles for social change and creative empowerment, so they constitute one major focus of the Chávez Center curriculum. The César Chávez Center, in its teaching, research and service, aims to strike a balance among the social sciences, humanities and the arts." SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education Chicana/o Studies University of California, Los Angeles César E. Chávez Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction in Chicana & Chicano Studies, UCLA Macias, Reynaldo F. Gaspar de Alba, Alicia Chicana/Chicano Studies
César E. Chávez Foundation "The mission of the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation, a (501©(3)) non-profit charitable organization, is to maximize human potential to improve communities by preserving, promoting and applying the legacy and universal values of civil rights leader Cesar E. Chavez." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Labor Organizations Lesson Plans Foundations Chavez, Cesar E. Labor
César E. Chávez Institute for Public Policy "The César E. Chávez Institute is dedicated to studying and documenting the impact of social oppression on the health, education, and well-being of ethnic minority communities in the United States." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Research Public Policy César E. Chávez Institute San Francisco State University Chavez, Cesar E. Politics
Cesar E. Chavez [Gale Free Resources] Biographical page for Cesar Chavez offered by Gale SUBJECTS: Farmworkers Biography Chavez, Cesar E. Biography
Chican@ Art Magazine Website for the new glossy Chican@ art magazine which is now in its second issue. SUBJECTS: Art Magazines Blogs Molina, Laura Chican@ Art Magazine Art
Chican@ Studies and Latin American Studies (CSU Fresno) "In a state where Chicano Latinos are the largest ethnic group, in a nation where there are over thirty-five million Latinas and Latinos, in a country that is closely connected to Mexico and Latin America... it makes sense to be a CLS Major and to take our classes. Enroll now! " SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Latin American Studies Herrera, Juan Felipe Danzantes de Aztlan Dance California State University, Fresno Fresno, CA Chican@ Studies and Latin American Studies (CSU Fresno) Chicana/o Studies
Chican@ Studies Department, UCSB "…In Spring 1969, at the height of the Chicano Renaissance, a group of Chicano activists and intellectuals met on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara and prepared the foundational document El Plan de Santa Bárbara. Inspired by their own culture and communities, these men and women generated an educational model for institutions of higher learning which would be more responsive to Chicanos and would provide a bridge for a new generation of Chicanos to higher education." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Education Chican@ Studies Department, UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chican@ Website Pathfinder Home of the Chican@ Website Pathfinder, a current index to Chican@ websites in English and Spanish. SUBJECTS: Websites Internet Directories General García-Ayvens, Francisco ATM Information Services Internet
Chicana & Chicano Studies Department, CSU Northridge "The Chicana/o Studies Department was established in 1969 in response to the educational needs of Chicana/o students. It was designed to provide students with an awareness of the social, political, economic, historical, and cultural realities in our society. It was structured as an interdisciplinary department in order to offer a Chicana/o perspective within the traditional disciplines." SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education Chicana/o Studies California State University, Northridge Resendez, Gerald Pardo, Mary Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana / Latina Femenism A brief bibliography of Chicana femenist writings and a set of link to Chicana femenist resources. SUBJECTS: Femenism Chicanas Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Virginia Polytechnic Institute Virginia Femenism
Chicana and Chicano Space "This site is a resource for teachers, their students, and others interested in Chicana and Chicano art and culture. Chicana and Chicano Space presents over 25 Chicana/o and earlier artworks and detailed information about each, as well as thematic instructional units focused on these artworks. Some considerations in selecting the artworks have been relevance to significant themes, gender balance, geographic breadth, and historical range." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Murals Posters Painting Chicana and Chicano Space Art
Chicana and Chicano Studies Department, ASU, Tempe "Website for the Chicana/o Studies Department at Arizona State University SUBJECTS: Education Arizona State University, Tempe Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana and Chicano Studies Program, UNM Website for the Chicano Studies Program at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. SUBJECTS: Education Chicana/o Studies Higher Education Chicana and Chicano Studies Program, UNM University of New Mexico Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana Feminism: A Selected Bibliography of CSULB Materials Bibliography compiled by Susan Luévano, librarian at California State University, Long Beach SUBJECTS: Femenism Chicanas Luevano, Susan California State University, Long Beach Femenism
Chicana/Chicano Experience in Arizona Website with photos documenting Arizona history in fields such as mining, ranching, community, family, etc. SUBJECTS: History Photography Arizona Arizona State University Arizona Humanities Council History
Chicana/Latina academic chingonas "An in-process directory of Chicana/Latina academics who work on some form of Chicana Studies. Idea inspired by Mimi Nguyen's list of AsianAm feminist academics." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education Directories Women Chicanas Chicana/Latina academic chingonas Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana/Latina Foundation "The Chicana/Latina Foundation's Mission is to Empower Chicanas/Latinas Through Personal, Educational and Professional Advancement." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Women Scholarships Business Education Organizations Foundations Chicana/Latina Foundation Women
Chicana/o Studies Department, CSU Dominguez Hills Website for the Chican@ Studies Department at CSU Dominguez Hills. SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education California State University, Dominguez Hills López Morín, José Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana/o Studies Program, University of California, Davis "The Chicana/o Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program of research, teaching, and student support intending to provide U.C. Davis students an opportunity to understand and work with the experiences, values, cultural representations, and socio-economic issues of the Chicano/Latino community. The program includes a dedicated faculty of accomplished research scholars, excellent support staff, a curriculum strong in the use of theory and analysis of the intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality, a dedication to fostering excellent student research, and support for community service activities. The Chicana/o Studies faculty is nationally recognized for its contributions to Chicana/o Studies scholarship." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education University of California, Davis Chabram-Dernersesian, Angie Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicana/o Studies Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison Website for the Chicana/o Studies Program University of Wisconsin-Madison. 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education University of Wisconsin, Madison Guerin-Gonzales, Camille Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicanarte y Que: The Art of Sergio Hernandez "The collection of images on this website are the result of over thirty years of work by artist Sergio Hernandez. They reflect and document not only the social and political events that occurred during the turbulent 1960's, but also include current reflections of life and culture in the barrios of the Southwest." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Posters Greeting cards Hernandez, Sergio Art
Chicanas Speak Out Women: New Voice of La Raza by Mirta Vidal Chicanas Speak Out Includes the full text of the pamphlet Women: New Voice of La Raza by Mirta Vidal SUBJECTS: Women Feminism Chicano Movement Archives Vidal, Mirta Chicanas Speak Out Women: New Voice of La Raza Duke University Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement An On-line Archival Collection Reports
Chicano Alumni, Fresno State "Our purpose is to serve as a vehicle for continued service and access to the university for Fresno State Chicano Alumni and amigos and to advocate for inclusion and recognition of Chicano alumni within the university structure. Our mission is to promote activities that bring Chicano alumni and amigos to the university and to serve as role models, to promote community service and to invite the participation of currently enrolled students in alumni activities that are positive in nature." SUBJECTS: Organizations Students Alumni Fresno, CA California State University, Fresno Alumni
Chicano and Chicana Section of the American Folklore Society "At the 1998 AFS annual meeting in Portland, a group of folklorists headed by Maria Herrera-Sobek and Norma E. Cantú initiated this section, devoted to the study of Chicana and Chicano folklore. Each year our members meet at the AFS annual meeting. In addition, members also convene at the meetings of the Latin American Studies Association and the National Chicano and Chicana Studies Association meetings. The section maintains a listserv for its members and the members of the AFS y Caribeño Folklore Section." SUBJECTS: Organizations Folklore American Folklore Society of America Organizations
Chicano Art Networks Entry from the Handbook of Texas online. "The Chicano art networks established in Texas during the mid-1960s were part of a larger effort by Mexican-American literary, theatrical, and visual artists to foster Mexican-American aesthetics and venues. The networks were independent coalitions aligned philosophically with the Chicanoqv movement, which emphasized cultural identity and political activism. In Texas the networks sprang from the artists' commitment to record their historical experiences in an Anglo environment. They composed in Spanish and caló (an argot; see PACHUCOS), worked independently of the mainstream, and employed American Indian, Spanish, and Mexican perspectives in their work. Visual artists presented their art in posters and murals and believed such representational works were the most direct form of communication with their people." 12/10/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Organizations Handbook of Texas Online Art
Chicano Art: A Resource Guide "The purpose of this brief guide is to provide an overview on the subject of Chicano art, to help acquaint the reader with the history, the meaning, and significance of this important aspect of Chicano culture. The guide includes an annotated list of suggested further readings." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Posters Murals Photography Proyecto Caridad California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA Art
Chicano Correctional Workers Association (CCWA) "The Chicano Correctional Workers Association, CCWA was formed in 1972 by California Department of Corrections Hispanic employees, who were concerned about under-representation of Latinos within the Department. CCWA dedicated itself to being an advocate for equal representation of Hispanics as well as the pursuit of upward mobility from it's inception until the present. CCWA has grown into an organization with a combined force of over 30 chapters and a membership total of more than 2,300 statewide. Over the years, CCWA has established itself as a General Non-Profit Corporation, registered within the Department of Personnel Administration as a "Bona Fide Employee Association" and the California State Personnel Board as a "Professional Organization." SUBJECTS: Organizations Police Chicano Correctional Workers Association (CCWA) Organizations
Chicano Education Program at Eastern Washington University "The Chicano Education Program has a dual mission at Eastern Washington University. The program’s first mission is to actively contribute towards enhancing the opportunity and participation of Chicanos/Latinos in higher education. This mission is achieved by actively recruiting and supporting Chicano/Latino students to have a positive and successful academic career." 1/31/2004 SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Higher Education Recruitment Eastern Washington University Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicano Express Radio Crazy Chuy Hernandez, known to many as "The Godfather of Tejano Soul" is now broadcasting on the internet. SUBJECTS: Music Tejano Music Radio Hernandez, Jesus (Crazy Chuy) Chicano Express Radio Radio
Chicano Federation of San Diego County (California) "Our mission is to promote the self-sufficiency of San Diego County residents by building partnerships providing education, economic development, advocacy, housing and social service programs." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Organizations Economic Conditions Leadership Education Housing Social Services Youth Family Childcare Legal Aid Public Policy Counseling San Diego County, CA Chicano Federation of San Diego County (California) Organizations
Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) "The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) is a consortium of artists, individuals and organizations dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Chicano/Latino culture. What we are… Formed in 1978, CHAC is a Colorado non-profit-©(3)organization that encourages and facilitates the development of Chicano/Latino expression through the arts." SUBJECTS: Organizations Art Humanities Culture Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) Denver, CO Organizations
Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) [Minnesota] "The Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC), is a statewide government agency created by the legislature in 1978. The primary mission of CLAC is to advise the governor and the state legislature on the issues of importance to Minnesota's Chicano Latino community." SUBJECTS: Organizations Community Organizations Leadership Philanthropy Directories Ezines Employment Public Policy Community Portals Population Minnesota Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) Minnesota Community Portals
Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) "The Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for you in Sacramento! Every summer the CLYLP brings 140 high school students from throughout the state of California toparticipate in the top leadership camp in the country. This week-long conference is held at the California State University in Sacramento during July 10 through July 17, 2004. Conference participants are housed on campus and attend powerful workshops and seminars that will enhance leadership skills, academic preparedness, self-esteem, cultural awareness, and provide an understanding of state and local government." SUBJECTS: Youth Leadership Organizations Conferences Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) Leadership
Chicano Library Center at San Jose State "The Chicano Resource Center arose out of planning efforts in 1979 and early 1980, which involved faculty from the Mexican American Studies Department, the College of Social Work, the bilingual program in the College of Education, and the University Library. Dedicated in 1982, the Chicano Resource Center has provided a single focus for books, periodicals, reference tools, pamphlets, and clippings relating to Mexican American History, culture, and community." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Research Chicano Library Center at San Jose State San Jose State University San Jose Public Library Libraries
Chicano Nation, Clothing for the People Chicano Nation is a small retail/wholesale business which targets a special market of the Raza community. (The Chicano consumer) By utilizing resources of the Chicano community, and others, Chicano Nation has successfully provided the Chicano with a sense of identity, culture and pride, through the graphics and symbolism found on the Chicano Nation gear. SUBJECTS: Fashion Clothing Identity Music Books Chicano Nation Fashion
Chicano Park Steering Committee (CPSC), San Diego, CA "The CPSC is a grassroots organization comprised of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to ensure that the original stated goals of the development and expansion of Chicano Park "all the way to the bay" are never forgotten or abandoned." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Organizations Cultural Organizations Parks Art Galleries Chicano Park Steering Committee (CPSC), San Diego, CA San Diego, CA Organizations
Chicano Research Library, UCLA "The CSRC Library was established to support the development of scholarship, teaching, and research in Chicano Studies at UCLA. The library serves the field worldwide through a variety of information resources- print materials, digital resources, and archival holdings, as well as through reference and bibliographic instruction." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Archives Film Research Filmography University of California, Los Angeles Chicano Research Library, UCLA Retter Vargas, Yolanda Libraries
Chicano Studies Research Center [film] Collection, UCLA Alphabetical title listing of films in the collection of UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center. SUBJECTS: Films Videos Archives Chicano Studies Research Center [film] Collection, UCLA University of California, Los Angeles Films
Chicano Studies Research Collection, ASU "The Chicano Studies Collection was established in 1970 in response to the academic needs of both Chicano students and faculty in higher education. Its purpose was to obtain works by and about Mexican Americans, or Chicanos, in the United States, and to place those materials in a separate library collection…Renamed the Chicano Research Collection in 1989, the collection seeks to acquire and strengthen holdings of primary resources relevant to Mexican Americans in the Southwest in general, and in Arizona in particular, and to continue to make the material available to scholars, researchers, and students nationwide. The Chicano Research Collection still collects, houses, and maintains a solid representation of Mexican American, or Chicano, thought, expression, and research on Arizona's largest ethnic group, the Mexican American." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Archives Women Exhibits Labor History Arizona State University Chicano Studies Research Collection, ASU Libraries
Chicano Studies, UTEP "Established in 1970, the Chicano Studies Research Program offers an academic program with a B.A. degree and four minor areas of specialization. In addition, it sponsors research, development and service projects that contribute to policy formulation relevant to the Chicano-Latino community in the U.S.-Mexico border region. In addition, the program publishes three monograph series to disseminate research and policy information." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies University of Texas, El Paso Chicano Studies, UTEP Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicano Veterans Association "As military veterans, we are an inclusive organization, and we strive to achieve the universal ideal that an economic behavior predicated on race, ethnicity, and gender has no value for us since we are all Brethren of Shared Experiences. Furthermore, we adhere to the Harry Truman Legacy of integration and education as the first-step in achieving the American Dream, and to be followed by homeownership and self-employment as a small business owner." SUBJECTS: Organizations Military Chicano Veterans Association Organizations
Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge "Inspired and directed by Cheech Marin’s vision to highlight expressions of Chicano culture, “CHICANO” presents the many voices of today’s Chicanos via a traditional art exhibit “Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge” and a multi-media exhibit “Chicano Now: American Expressions.” 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Painting Exhibits Marin, Cheech Art
Chicano/a - Latino/a Studies, Claremont Colleges "Chicano/a Studies was created at the Claremont Colleges in 1969, in the midst of wide scale student protests and demonstrations. It has the distinction of being the second oldest Chicano/a Studies program in the United States. Chicano/a Studies was originally created as an Intercollegiate Center by the Claremont Council of Presidents. As an Intercollegiate Center belonging to the five Claremont Colleges, Chicano/a Studies was organizationally designed as a "politically" expedient way to create an immediate Mexican American presence at all the campuses…" SUBJECTS: Chicano/a Studies Higher Education Claremont Colleges, Pomona, CA Chicano/a - Latino/a Studies, Claremont Colleges Pomona, CA Pomona College, Pomona, CA Pitzer College, Pomona, CA Harvey Mudd College, Pomona, CA Scripps College, Pomona, CA Claremont McKenna College, Pomona, CA Chicano/a Studies
Chicano/Latino Archive, The Evergreen State College Library "The Chicano/Latino Archive is a research and teaching resource focusing on Chicano and Latino art and culture in the Pacific Northwest, and is a major outcome of a research and exhibit planning project that was carried out under the sponsorship of The Evergreen State College in 1982, with funding support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. SUBJECTS: Archives Art Exhibits Chicano/Latino Archive, The Evergreen State College Library Evergreen State College Library Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest [art exhibit] Washington [state] Art
Chicano/Latino Studies at Michigan State University "Chicano/Latino Studies (CLS) is a program designed to focus on the histories and the cultures of Chicanas/Chicanos and Latinas/Latinos…At Michigan State University, the CLS program coordinates the Chicano/Latino Specialization, oversees curriculum development, mentors and advises students, and promotes close faculty, staff, and student relations. In addition, it sponsors academic and cultural activities that benefit not only the university, but also the larger community in the area." 1/5/2004 SUBJECTS: Education Chicana/o Studies Michigan State University Chicana/Chicano Studies
Chicano/Latino Studies Videotapes in the Media Resources Center "The Media Resources Center (MRC) is the UC Berkeley Library's primary collection of materials in electronic non-print (audio and visual) formats. These formats include: videocassettes, DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs), and laser discs; compact audio discs; audiocassettes; slides; and interactive multimedia materials." This is the repository for Chican@ films on the UC Berkeley campus. Includes listings for about 150 films with annotations. 11/26/2003 SUBJECTS: Film Bibliography Filmography Videos Media Multimedia Chicano/Latino Studies Videotapes in the Media Resources Center Film
Chicano: Visions of Struggle, El: Art by Louie Moreno "[Louie H. Moreno] was born in Los Angeles, Califas. Married in 1971 and has two sons. He has lived in the Oxnard Plain since 1946. As a descendant of the Delaware tribe, he has been fascinated with Native American drawings since childhood. A self-taught artist, he was influenced by his elementary school teacher, Frank Van Schaick. His teacher took his classmates and him to many different Chumash places throughout Santa Barbara County, where he recorded his trips by drawing sketches of the places and people. Since then, he has drawn many different portraits of Native Americans." SUBJECTS: Art Chicano Movement History Native Americans Chavez, Cesar E. Moreno, Louie H. Art
Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES), St. Paul, MN "Since 1981, Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES) has been committed to enhancing the quality of life for Hispanics in the Twin Cities metro area. CLUES programs are designed to strengthen family life within a cross-cultural framework. Services include mental health, chemical health, employment and education, and programs for seniors." SUBJECTS: Organizations Community Organizations Health Mental Health Education Ancianos Social Services Employment Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES), St. Paul, MN Minnesota Organizations
Chicanos por la Causa, Inc.: A community development Corporation "Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) is a statewide community development corporation (CDC), committed to building stronger, healthier communities as a lead advocate, coalition builder and direct service provider. CPLC promotes positive change and self-sufficiency to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of those we serve." SUBJECTS: Community Organizations Economic Conditions Education Social Services Housing Cultural Organizations Chicanos por la Causa, Inc. Garcia, Pete C. Community Organizations
Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM), UCLA Website describing 3 CCM Community Service Projects: The Be Carded donor awareness campaign is designed to encourage a creative approach to promoting organ and tissue donation; BLAIDS number one priority is education; and the Latino Student Health Project, LSHP was formed to break down some of the barriers that challenge health care access in this community. SUBJECTS: Organizations AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Health Students Black/Latino AIDS Project, UCLA Latino Student Health Project, UCLA University of California, Los Angeles Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) Organizations
Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (CHE), UC Berkeley "CHE strives to instill in UC Berkeley students the desire and dedication to serve humankind and in particular the Chicano/Latino community. As part of CHE, members discover ways to effectively deliver health care, educate the community in the use of available health care resources and assist in the recruitment and retention of Chicano & Latino students in the health sciences." 1/5/2004 SUBJECTS: Organizations Student Organizations Health University of California, Berkeley Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education (CHE), UC Berkeley Organizations
Chusma House Publications "Chusma House Publications has been publishing the works of Chicano and Chicana writers for over a decade. From its inception, Chusma House has decided to eschew commercial and mainstream literature, and instead concentrate on works of worth and significance. We are committed to the publication of high-quality writing by both established and emerging writers. Chusma House has also begun to publish select multi-cultural literature." 12/6/2004 SUBJECTS: Publishers Literature Trujillo, Charley Publishers
Chusma: Teatro por la gente "ChUSMA thrives on its unique life experiences for its material and sometimes-hilarious views. This type of theater comes straight from the community, which we like to refer to as "People's Theatre." All this is done in a contemporary fusion of "Neo-vaudvillian", early Mexican carpa, 60's teatro Chicano, multi-media, and performance art movement. The oral tradition continues in its new urban settings; ChUSMA takes on this mission of bringing comedy and consciousness into the new millennium armed with humor and satire in one hand and a burrito of carne asada in the other. Crooked politicians and cucarachas beware: ChUSMA is coming to a barrio near you! (Popcorn not included.)" 12/6/2004 SUBJECTS: Teatro Chusma: Teatro por la gente Theater
Cinco Puntos Press "Cinco Puntos Press (CPP), begun in 1985, is a nationally-known, independent, NOT non-profit, literary press that specializes in publishing the literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and books for kids) from the U.S./Mexico border, Mexico and the American Southwest. In recognition of our importance as a voice for this region and our commitment to literature, we have received the American Book Award for excellence in publishing and been inducted into the Latino Literary Hall of Fame. We have received five publishing grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and three similar grants from the Texas Commission for the Arts. The Border Regional Library Association, in addition to awarding Southwest Book Awards for three of our books over the last decade, presented CPP with a special Southwest Book Award in 1993 for outstanding achievement in bringing national recognition to our regional literature." 12/6/2004 SUBJECTS: Publishers Literature Children's Literature Hayes, Joe Publishers
CLNET Dance CLNET's list of links to Chicano dance-related websites SUBJECTS: Music / Dance Music / Dance
CLnet Literature CLNET's list of links to Chicano literature websites SUBJECTS: Literature Research Literature
CLNET's Theater Page CLNET's list of theater-related links SUBJECTS: Teatro Theater
Closing the Health Gap Closing the Health Gap is a national campaign designed to help improve the health of racial and ethnic minority populations, who are affected by serious diseases and health conditions at far greater rates than other Americans. SUBJECTS: Health U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Health
Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) "CHIRLA works to advance the human and civil rights of immigrants and refugees and to foster an environment of positive human and community relations in our society." SUBJECTS: Immigration Civil Rights Leadership Discrimination Organizations Refugees Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) Los Angeles, CA Organizations
Coalition of Immokalee Workers Website for the boycott of Taco Bell by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) SUBJECTS: Labor Unions Farmworkers Strikes Coalition of Immokalee Workers Taco Bell Labor
Colección Tloque Nahuaque "…Established in 1971, the Colección specializes in the multidisciplinary field of Chicano/Latino Studies. It is the only such collection in the U.S. operated as a discrete library unit within a major university library. As one of only several leading collections of its kind, the Colección serves as the university's major source of information on the cultural heritage and history of Chicanos and Mexicans in the United States. Its holdings of approximately 14,000 volumes and close to 500 journals and newspapers distinguish it as a national bibliographic resource on Chicanos/Latinos." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Research Archives Colección Tloque Nahuaque, UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara Leal, Luis Libraries
Colors on Desert Walls: The Murals of El Paso Photos of El Paso murals published in the book entitled Colors on Desert Walls: the Murals of El Paso, written by Cynthia Weber Farah SUBJECTS: Murals Art Photography Galleries El Paso, TX Virgen de Guadalupe Weber Farah, Cynthia Colors on Desert Walls: the Murals of El Paso Murals
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute "The mission of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is to develop the next generation of Latino leaders. Our vision is an educated and civically active Latino community who participates at the local, state, and federal policy decision-making levels. CHCI seeks to accomplish its mission by offering educational and leadership development programs, services, and activities that promote the growth of participants as effective professionals and strong leaders." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Politics Legislation Leadership Youth Higher Education Congressional Hispanic Caucus Hispanic Heritage Month Politics
Conjunto Cenomeloceh [musical group] "Since 1995 the San Fernando, California based CONJUNTO TENOCELOMEH has performed at various venues throughout the Southern California area such as The John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, UCLA's Royce Hall, The Wadsworth Theatre, USC's Spectrum Theatre, CSU-Northridge Performing Arts Center, The Harriet and the Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, A special performance for the 1993 Noble Peace Prize recipient Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Conducted the Son Jarocho Instrument workshops at the Danzantes Unidos Festival in California, and many other venues and community events." SUBJECTS: Music Folk Music Conjunto Cenomeloceh [musical group] San Fernando, CA Music
Conjunto Jardin "Cindy and Libby ("La Xeminita Hendrix" and "La Bruja", respectively) started playing jarocho music as children, learning from and performing with their father, renowned Latin American scholar and musician Timothy Harding (“El Gran Tigre”), and his group Los Tigres de la Sierra. They have further honed their skills with trips to Veracruz and by studying with master jarocho musicians in Mexico and the U.S. Both played key roles in seminal ’80s nueva canción group Sabiá: Cindy co-founded the ensemble while at Brown University in 1976, and Libby’s original songs and “deceptively delicate” lead vocals defined the band’s core sound. After singing together for more than 25 years, the sisters achieve that special vocal blend unique to siblings. And La Ximenita is still the only known woman requinto player!" SUBJECTS: Music Son Jarocho Harding, Libby Harding, Cindy Conjunto Harding Music
Contacto Magazine  CONTACTO Magazine is an independent publication on Latin American issues. Thousands of readers enjoy in-depth news features on Latinos in the United States and Latin America, including exclusive interviews with Hispanic artists, writers, entrepreneurs, politicians and community leaders." 1/31/2004 SUBJECTS: Ezines Los Angeles, CA Contacto Magazine Ezines
Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art: Artists, Works, Culture, and Education "A world-wide website for Latina/o art! Place and sell your work, purchase art, learn about the work of others, announce or read about events and exhibitions. Join the directory, enter the chat room, or link to museums and galleries." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Art Mexican Revolution Exhibits Directories Museums Galleries Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art: Artists, Works, Culture, and Education Art
Creative Art Solutions "Specializing in Murals and Urban Arts since 1996. Community murals, chicano murals, graff murals, school murals, special projects and events. Flatblack Urban Cultural Gear.The latest urban fashion in chicano clothing and graffiti wear." 1/19/2004 SUBJECTS: Art Murals Fashion Graffiti Zender Flatback Urban Cultural Gear Creative Art Solutions Art
Crossroads: Chicano Identity and Border Culture "Some Chicano scholars have found the themes of “boundaries,” “resistance,” and “affirmation” to be vital in understanding and representing Chicano history and culture. In this activity you will identify and explore the complex ways that the theme of “borders” affect Chicano identity in the United States." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Border Region Identity History American Social History Project Eynon, Brett Thompson, Donna History Matters: Digital Blackboard Border Region
Cruz M. Bustamante [Gale Free Resources] Biographical page for Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante offered by Gale SUBJECTS: Biography Elected Officials Bustamante, Cruz M. Biography
Cuentos de la Frontera This is a subscriber site for traditional tales and legends of the border region. SUBJECTS: Literature Folklore Cuentos Border Region Cuentos de la Frontera Literature
Cultura Latina Bookstore "Cultura Latina Bookstore is a full-service retail bookstore specializing in Hispanic/Latino literature written in English and Spanish. We feature literature from all sectors of the Latino community: Mexico, Spain, Central America, South America, and North America. We opened our doors on October 1, 1994 and since then we have hosted over 100 author signings including Rudolfo Anaya, Steve Allen, Cristina Garcia, Yxta Maya Murray and Ana Castillo, among others." 11/19/2003 SUBJECTS: Bookstores Children's Literature Children's Music Cultura Latina Bookstore Bookstores
Curanderismo "This is a tradition that evolved when the Judeo-Christian religious beliefs of the Spanish were brought to the New World and merged with Indian herbal lore. Curanderismo is mainly practiced in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Curanderismo is the basic act of healing and aiding ailments through faith and herbal remedies." 1/19/2004 SUBJECTS: Curanderismo Folk Medicine Curanderismo Curanderismo
Curanderismo [Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine] Article on Curanderismo from the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine written by Jennifer Wurges SUBJECTS: Curanderismo Folk Medicine Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine Curanderismo
Curanderismo: Folk healing in the Mexican American community "Traditional folk healing practices continue to be viable and prevalent in the Mexican American community. The study of curanderismo and related folk medical practices encompasses several disciplines: anthropology, folklore, sociology, psychology, medicine, and history. This bibliography makes no attempt to be comprehensive; it is merely meant to provide readers with a sampling of titles geared, for the most part, to the non-specialist. Note that works listed here are generally limited to curanderismo and related fields in the Mexican American community." SUBJECTS: Curanderismo Folk Medicine Bibliography Gutierrez, Margo University of Texas, Austin Folk Medicine
Curanderismo: Folk Healing in the Southwest [radio program] "In an age of high-tech, highly specialized medicine, the ancient healing arts of Curanderismo are an attractive alternative. When they are ill, Mexican-Americans in the southwestern states often prefer to visit the curandero--the tradtional healer-- who uses herbs, aromas, message and rituals to treat the ills of their body, mind and spirit. It is a much more personal approach to treating illness -complex, but not necessarily scientific--and one that modern health care professionals in the region are now exploring-and in some cases, embracing-as a healing tool." 12/15/2003 SUBJECTS: Curanderismo Radio Martin, Maria Curanderismo
Curanderismo: Resources available at the Sant Antonio Central Library "Curanderismo: Resources available at the San Antonio Central Library" SUBJECTS: Curanderismo Folk Medicine Bibliography San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio, TX Folk medicine
Curbstone Press "Curbstone Press, a 501©(3) non-profit literary arts organization founded in 1975, is located in Willimantic, Connecticut. Throughout its history, Curbstone's Co-Directors and Board members have nurtured its focus on creative literature that invites readers to examine social issues, encourages a deeper understanding between cultures, and reflects a commitment to promoting human rights." 12/6/2004 SUBJECTS: Publishers Organizations Curbstone Press Publishers " or “Dallas Life” caters to the lifestyles of Latino professionals, looking for a one stop shop to gather business and entertainment information about the DFW community. is always on and always available to subscribers and advertisers 24/7." SUBJECTS: Business Directories Calendar Community Organizations City Portals Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX General
Daniel A. Olivas "Daniel is the author of five books of fiction and editor of the landmark anthology, Latinos in Lotusland. His first full-length novel, The Book of Want, will be published by the University of Arizona Press in spring 2011. Daniel's writing has been widely anthologized (including in two Norton anthologies), and has also appeared in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, THEMA, The Jewish Journal, Exquisite Corpse, New Madrid, MultiCultural Review, The Elegant Variation, LatinoLA, and the El Paso Times. He blogs each Monday on La Bloga." SUBJECTS: Authors Ezines Blogs Literature Fiction Olivas, Daniel A. Authors
dcLatino "A directory of resources for the Latin/Hispanic community in the Washington metropolitan area" SUBJECTS: General Popular culture Directories Community Portals Washington, DC USA Latino General
Decent Schools for California "The team that brought the Williams [v. California] lawsuit (and that represents the plaintiff schoolchildren in the case) is a coalition of civil rights organizations, public interest law groups and private law firms…" 1/8/2004 SUBJECTS: Organizations Civil Rights Lawsuits Education Williams v. State of Californa Organizations
Department of Chicano Studies, CSULA Website for the Chicano Studies Department at California State University, Los Angeles. "More specifically, Chicano Studies at CSLA is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the historical experiences and contemporary social status of the various Mexican/Chicana/o populations in the United States. It includes a global component in recognition of the international forces that long have influenced the lives and opportunities of the Mexican-origin populations in America. The academic program compares the political, social, and cultural experiences of these populations to other Latino groups. It also focuses on the issues of social justice affecting Latinos and other racial, ethnic and cultural groups in the U.S." SUBJECTS: Education Chicana/o Studies Higher Education Department of Chicano Studies, CSULA California State University, Los Angeles Chicana/Chicano Studies
Department of Chicano Studies, University of Minnesota "Through teaching, research, and community partnerships the mission of the Department of Chicano Studies at the University of Minnesota is to promote critical understanding of the histories, politics, and cultures of Chicana/os and Latina/os of the United States. The department accomplishes this mission by offering a rigorous undergraduate degree program as well as an extensive public programming calendar. One of our goals is to support and increase the presence of Chicana/os and Latina/os in the intellectual, political, and social professions, both within and beyond the Midwest. Both efforts promote cultural affirmation, social justice values and community service. Students in our courses gain insight into cultural dynamics, social processes and the historical significance of the contributions of Chicana/os as a group. Students also develop the necessary analytical and methodological skills to better understand the emerging multicultural character of the nation and the key role that Chicana/os and Latina/os have to play in society." SUBJECTS: Chicana/o Studies Education Higher Education Minnesota Department of Chicano Studies, University of Minnesota Mendoza, Louis Chicana/o Studies
Día de la mujer latina "The mission of Día de la Mujer Latina, Inc. is to promote health awareness to the underserved Latino community by providing an ethnic-specific education; a culturally appropriate setting for early detection screening and prevention care; and resource information for follow-up services." 12/8/2003 SUBJECTS: Women Health Cancer Organizations Dia de la Mujer Latina, Inc. Women
Dia de los muertos = Day of the Dead Site announcing the Day of the Dead events held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. SUBJECTS: Holidays Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA Holidays
Dia de los niños, Dia de los libros "Aided by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Texas Library Association is developing this site to: •Increase the public’s awareness of the El día de los niños/El día de los libros (DNDL) program. * •Develop materials and a program that can be a model in other states and communities. * Make available on the web easily downloadable materials useful for developing and publicizing the program locally. * •Expand the number of public and school libraries currently participating in the DNDL program via mini-grants." 3/3/2004 SUBJECTS: Holidays Dia de los niños, Dia de los libros Texas Library Association Holidays
Día de Los Niños: Día de Los Libros Traditional songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and games in Spanish and English compiled to promote observance of "El Dia de los Niños/El Dia de los libros. SUBJECTS: Education Children's Literature Bibliography Bookstores Music / Dance Día de Los Niños: Día de Los Libros Education
Diego Rivera Mural Project "Diego Rivera's Mural at City College is an extraordinary work of Pan American Art. The Diego Rivera Mural Project plans to bring the public back to this most important example of public art." 3/3/2004 SUBJECTS: Murals Art Rivera, Diego City College of San Francisco San Francisco, CA Murals
Diego Rivera Virtual Web Museum "Diego Rivera (1886-l957), muralist painter, was one of the greatest artists in the XXth century. Born in Guanajuato Mexico, in 1892 he moved to Mexico City with his family…Diego Rivera's legacy to modern mexican art was decisive in murals and canvas; he was a revolutionary painter looking to take art to the big public, to streets and buildings, managing a precise, direct, and realist style, full of social content." 11/25/2003 SUBJECTS: Museums Art Murals Biography Chronology Kahlo, Frida Rivera, Diego Mexico Museums
Directory of Chicana/o, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Program, Research and Policy Centers "The Directory of Chicana/o, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Program, Research and Policy Centers is designed to facilitate contact and networking among various institutions and agencies that have an education and/or social mission. In the time of retrenchment from ethnic studies, it is imperative that strategies for resisting attacks are developed and shared. It is our hope this long-needed Directory will facilitate positive interaction among the Programs, Centers, and Agencies listed herein, and others who may have been unwittingly excluded." SUBJECTS: Chican@ Studies Directories Higher Education Education National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Blackmer Reyes, Kathryn Directory of Chicana/o, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Program, Research and Policy Centers Chican@ Studies
Divine Forces Radio "divine forces radio: escape the matrix-this is real hip-hop." A critical thinking hip-hop edu-tainment show derived from indigenous principles of conduct and morality. Based in Los Angeles "divine forces radio" travels throughout the world covering censored and inspirational stories that educate and bond the human race closer together. Hosted and produced by fidel rodriguez with DJ's Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies, Counterstryke of CAL Cutterz, Breeze, and the Aurator. "divine forces radio" focuses on inspirational hip hop music blended with interviews and information that seek the root of truth in a rogue state." 12/16/2003 SUBJECTS: Radio Music Identity Divine Forces Radio Rodriguez, Fidel Radio
Documents on the Brownsville Uprising of Juan Cortina "PROCLAMATION: I. Juan Nepomuceno Cortina to the inhabitants of the State of Texas, and especially to those of the city of Brownsville. II. Proclamation to the Mexicans of Texas, November 1859" SUBJECTS: History Cortina, Juan Nepomuceno Texas History
Dolores Huerta [Gale Free Resources] Biographical page for Dolores Huerta offered by Gale SUBJECTS: Biography Farmworkers Women Huerta, Dolores Biography
Dr. Loco and his Rockin' Jalapeño Band Website for Dr. Loco and his Rockin' Jalapeño Band. SUBJECTS: Music Bands Dr. Loco and his Rockin' Jalapeño Band Cuellar, José B. Music
E-Company Marines Remembered "My friends and I undertook this attempt at recording history in order to preserve the individual stories of the members of "E" Company, 13th Infantry Battalion, United States Marine Corps Reserve. We deem this necessary in order to honor the hardships endured by them and by their families and in the hope that their stories may be passed on to their children and others to come. With this effort we also want to honor those who made the supreme sacrifice. Their histories were cut short, but should not be forgotten." SUBJECTS: Military Korean War Oral Histories Photography War E-Company Military
East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) "TELACU is a non-profit community development corporation founded in 1968. It is self-sustained by TELACU Industries, a for-profit family of companies which provides the economic means to fulfill TELACU's mission. Through its businesses, services and partnerships, TELACU creates dynamic opportunities to rebuild and enhance the communities it serves." SUBJECTS: Organizations Community Organizations Business Economic Conditions Education Scholarships Veterans East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) East Los Angeles, CA Lizarraga, David C. Organizations
East Los Angeles Library, LACoPL " The Chicano Resource Center (CRC) was established in 1976 to serve the information needs of the Mexican-American (Chicano) community and to make information about the history and culture of this group available to the general public." 12/4/2003 SUBJECTS: Libraries Research Film Chicano Resource Center, LACoPL Hispanic Heritage Month East Los Angeles Library, LACoPL Libraries
Education Section of CLNET CLNET's list of links for bilingal/bicultural education, educational research, K-12 resources, Chicano Studies, etc. SUBJECTS: Education Education